What you need to know about getting a white ink tattoo

A lot of clients often ask me about getting tattoos done completely in white ink. Even though this is possible there are a few main reasons why most tattoo artist with integrity will advise against this type of tattoo.

1. The suns UV rays can change white ink to a more yellowish tone.

2. White tends to fade the fastest of all tattoo pigments. Therefore, when we use white in tattoos it’s normally as a highlight next to a darker color. Tattooing is all about contrast: the contrast between your skin tone and the ink. White simply does not have a whole lot of contrast compared to your natural skin tone.

3. So do white tattoos look brighter on people with darker skin then? No, unfortunately not. Because we see the tattoo color through our top layer of skin, it’s almost like imagining your skin color as a transparent piece of paper and then the tattoo colour underneath. For example if you look at the color white through a light brown piece of paper it would tend to look a bit muddy and not a clear white.

4. While you may have seen photos of white ink tattoos on the internet, they were most likely taken right after they were done.

White tattoos can be a great way to express yourself feel free to arrange a consultation with one of artist if your interested in getting a white ink tattoo.

Make sure when you choose your tattoo artist that you choose one with integrity, a tattoo artist that will inform you of the potential risks involved in tattooing and one that will take their time to explain this to you.