What you need to know about getting a tattoo on your finger


In recent years finger tattoos have become increasingly popular, especially on the inside of the fingers. We are more than happy to do these tattoos for you as long as you understand the limitations and risks associated with tattooing the fingers.

The skin on the inside of your fingers is constantly being regenerated due to consistent wear and tear. See the above picture for an example of how the inside of your fingers might rub out over time.

For this reason, a finger tattoo might require a further touch up session that is not included in your price.

Since fingers, hands and neck are considered a high risk area we happily tattoo them as long as the customers are aware that additional costs might incur for touch ups.

What about a tattoo the runs along the sole of my foot ?

Yes we are  happy to tattoo the sole of your foot as long as your understanding of the risks involved.

The side of your foot is similar to the side of your hand or fingers ,this means that the skin is always renewing itself  .

The  further down on the feet you place your tattoo the more risk there is that some ink might fall out during the healing process.

Your tattoo artist will advise you on the best placement along your foot to minimise the risk of that happening.

-Why does the ink fall out in certain areas ? It simply due to the constant bending and wear and tear of the skin in that area.

A tattoo is a light abrasion of the skin, when the skin is punctured the blood that surfaces is your body’s way of forming a protective layer to prevent bacteria from entering your wound. After the scab has formed you’ll want  to leave your fresh tattoo alone,keeping but make sure your not over washing it either as you can actually over wash your tattoo wich could lead to the ink falling out and fading premature.

You should apply a thin coat of Bephanthen cream on your tattoo two to three times a day for about 5 days.

After your tattoo has formed a scab there is no point in reapplying the cream.

After the scab has formed your tattoo might feel a bit itchy this is totally normal and means its healing, make sure to not scratch the scab as it can pull the ink out.