vegvisir tattoo

Vegvisir Tattoo

”Viking Compass ” or Pathfinder



Perhaps the most famous of all  viking symbology is the “Vegvisir” often referred to as a viking compass. It just so happen that this symbol is not one worn by the vikings at all.

The Vegvisir is an Icelandic stave (magical symbol) that originates from the Huld manuscript which was Discovered In 1880-

700 years after the viking age ended.

Nevertheless many people choose to get this powerful symbol tattooed on them as a spiritual compass.


“If this sign is carried one will never lose their way in storms or bad weather”. It’s meant as a symbol of protection for sailors.



Vegvisir is derived from two Icelandic words put  together vegur ( way) and visir (guide)


Above Vegvisir tattoo By Krystal at Valhalla Tattoo