The unmistakable logo of Valhalla Tattoo, Its made up of three interlocking triangles.

The Valknut symbol was first found on a stone carving in Denmark from the 8th century.


So, what does this ancient viking symbol mean? The short answer is that no one really knows, but there are three different theories behind its origin.


The Nine realms


Each point of the triangles represents one of the different realms in Norse mythology

For a list of the nine realms check out my previous post about Yggdrasil.


Hrungnirs Heart


Hrungnir was a large giant that slayed by Thor, he was said to have a heart made of stone with three sharp points resembling a Valknut.




Valknut is associated with Odin the king of the Aesir,

Carvings appear on stones found in Denmark and Sweden from the Viking age along with Odin.

Above : stone carving found in Gotland Sweden


People will get a Valknut tattoo for many different reasons but commonly its to show their alignment with “Asatru”(worshipping the Aesir gods)