Risks of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal and tattoos

What you need to know about your tattoo and laser hair removal.

Both tattooing and permanent hair removal area mainstream occurrence these days. However, this rise in dual popularity has led to a myriad of problems related to how the two procedures interact.

The dilemma is inherent to the way both laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal work. Both procedures use a concentrated beam of light that is aimed at the unwanted hair/ tattoo, The pigment absorbs the light which causes  damage the structural integrity of the hair follicle/ink deposit within the skin. From there the hair follicle is damaged enough to cease future hair growth, whereas in tattoo removal the ink is broken down by the light and then absorbed by the lymphatic system. Because both removal methods are so similar, hair removal over or near a tattooed area can cause damage to the tattoo or even a complete loss of pigment.

Above on the left is an example of a tattoo damaged by laser hair removal, on the right the same tattoo after its been fixed up by Kiku, one of our resident artists.

If you have tattoos but still want to get hair removal, electrolysis is a good alternative.

Electrolysis works by applying a fine electrical current though a needle sized electrode or probe. The current is directed into each individual hair follicle and destroys the root therefore preventing the regrowth of the hair. This method targets the hair itself and not the pigment of the hair shaft therefore it can be used over tattooed areas.