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Risks of getting Tattooed overseas

Risks of getting a Tattoo in Bali

More and more people are choosing to travel overseas in order to get cheap tattoos done.

Most favoured are developing countries such as Thailand and Bali.

While the promise of tattoos at a fraction of the Australian price can seem enticing, getting tattooed overseas can be a risky undertaking .

The number one risk factor when getting a tattoo overseas is the risk of contracting a bloodborne disease such as hepatitis B or C.

In Australia, all tattoo and piercing studios have strict health regulations that they must adhere to. Many developing countries don’t have any regulations in place, or enforcement of those regulations is lacking.

Hepatitis can be spread by the cross contamination of blood or through medical instruments that have not been properly sterilised.

All medical instruments that are not single use must be placed in an autoclave machine to be sterilised after each client.

If you are planning on getting a tattoo in a different country its advisable to ask your tattoo artist if you can see the autoclave in their studio and ask that they open all sterilised packets of equipment in front of you.

Even though there are many talented tattoo artist in Bali make sure you don’t end up paying an even higher price while trying to save money on your tattoos.

Read the link below about an Australian citizen who contracted HIV from a tattoo studio in Bali