cherry blossoms on the ankle

Japanese flowers and their meaning in tattoos



The main design in Japanese tattoos is often complemented by a variety of different flowers

In this post we’ll be going though the different meanings of said flowers .




Peonies or “Botan” Is the royal flower associated  with the emperor  and ist also known as the King of flowers.

In Japanese tattoos the peony represents honour and beauty.

As peonies blossom in the spring they are often  paired with the cherry blossoms “sakura” for this reason.

peony and koi tattoo




-The golden flower –

In Japan the chrysanthemum or “Kiku” was traditionally used for the emperors seal and is therefore know as the golden flower.

Chrysanthemum tattoos represent the autumn season and are normally paired with dragons and snakes.

Chrysantemum tattoo


Lotus flower


A symbol of our purity and enlightenment.

Lotus flowers bloom in muddy waters and shows us beauty can come from the most unexpected places.

Lotus flowers are often used together with Buddhist imagery a common design is Buddha’s Hand holding a lotus flower.



Cherry blossom




Perhaps the most famous of all Japanese flower is the cherry blossom.

Cherry blossoms bloom for a short time and are a reminder of how fragile life can be.

In Japanese tattooing cherry blossoms represent the spring time and are often paired with the Japanese Koi.

cherry blossoms on the ankle

japansese cherry blossom tattoo


Mape leafs


Maple leaf’s are a common motif in Japanese tattoos they represent the moving of time ,

Normally the maple leaf is paired with tigers or koi fish representing  the autumn season.

japansese tiger backpiece Japansese tiger back piece by carl Sebastian