Black and grey compass tattoo

Compass Tattoos

Compass tattoos

Finding your way 

The compass can represent different meanings for people including travelling to foreign lands, stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring the unknown.

Invented by the Chinese in the thirteenth century as a device to navigate by sea.

Today the compass tattoo is one of the most popular designs to have tattooed on the body.

Why are so many young people choosing to get a compass tattooed on them?  

Travelling alone for the fist time can mark a new chapter in a young persons life and can be seen as a sort of a voyage in to adulthood. 

Moving to a new country like Australia on their own is a milestone for lots of young travellers, marking their body with a compass tattoo can be a way of celebrating this achievement.

A compass tattoo has many small intricate details and precise linework is essential for these tattoos to look and age well over time.

Below are some examples of compass tattoos from Valhalla Tattoo in Bondi.

compass tattoo from Valhalla tattoo