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valhalla tattoo is looking for tattoo artist

Tattoo artist Wanted !

Valhalla tattoo is looking for an experienced tattoo artist  With an ever increasing workload we are now looking for another artist to join our team. an artist that specilizes in dot work

Valhalla Hoddies

  Valhalla hoodies are available in limited numbers, Printed on AS color stock, they are really thick and high quality we currently have size Large left in Hoodies and crewnecks $90 plus shipping

We are hiring

Valhalla tattoo is looking for a Body piercer with front of house responsibilities . Your job role involves body piercing and jewellery sales as well as managing a busy tattoo studio, answering

Black and grey compass tattoo

Compass Tattoos

Compass tattoos Finding your way  The compass can represent different meanings for people including travelling to foreign lands, stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring the unknown. Invented by the Chinese in

Tattoo apprentice wanted

Apprentice wanted Valhalla tattoo is looking for a tattoo apprentice We are exited to announce that we now have an opening for a tattoo apprentice To apply for this position you must have

Risks of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal and tattoos What you need to know about your tattoo and laser hair removal. Both tattooing and permanent hair removal area mainstream occurrence these days. However, this rise in

comparison of a fresh realistic tattoo versus healed

Realistic expectations

  Why it’s important to have realistic expectations of how your tattoo will age. With an ever increasing interest in realistic and hyper realistic tattoos it’s important for the customer to understand

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