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Japanese back piece design by Carl Sebastian

Japanese dragon tattoos

    Dragons are perhaps the most popular of all Japanese tattoo design. The Japanese dragon is made up of seven different animals with different features from each animal. A dragon should have 97

Scar cover-up Tattoos

Here at Valhalla tattoo we get a lot of request for scar cover-up tattoos. Our female  tattoo-artist Krystal  has extensive experience in tattooing over scar tissue and can provide guidance


    The unmistakable logo of Valhalla Tattoo, Its made up of three interlocking triangles. The Valknut symbol was first found on a stone carving in Denmark from the 8th century.   So, what does

Aegishjalmur tattoo

Helm of awe

    Often mistaken as Vegvisir the helm of Awe or “Aegishjalmur” is another Icelandic stave. This symbol was said to be carved between the eyebrows of fierce warriors to instil fear in

Ygddrasil back tattoo


YGGDRASIL   The world tree The world is made up of nine realms  in Norse mythology, this was the inspiration for middle earth in  Tolkien’s Lord of the rings. The realms  are all connected

vegvisir tattoo

Vegvisir Tattoo

”Viking Compass ” or Pathfinder   Origin Perhaps the most famous of all  viking symbology is the “Vegvisir” often referred to as a viking compass. It just so happen that this symbol is

Body piercing job listing

Now hiring Body Piercer

Valhalla tattoo is looking for an experienced body piercer, you must have experience in Body piercing already to apply. The role consists of front of house duties as well as body piercing,

valhalla tattoo viking skull singlet

Valhalla Singlets last run !

We still have a couple Large and Extra-large Valhalla singlets left in stock. Printed on AS color Barnard tank tops theese singlets are of the highest quality. Large oversized Viking skull in

Japanese tattoo design watercolour

Japanese tattoos

Japanese Tattoos A brief history Japanese tattoos originated from Japanese woodblock prints “ukiyo-e” during the edo period In Japan. Only Samurai were allowed to wear decorative Kimonos so as a form of protest

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