Carl Sebastian

Carl is the founder and owner of Valhalla Tattoo

Originally from Sweden Carl’s has travelled and worked all over the world before opening his own studio in Sydney’s iconic Bondi.


With 16 years tattooing experience Carl is confident tattooing in all styles but specialises in Japanese style tattoos and Nordic tattoos.


“-I don’t do traditional Japanese tattoos, it’s my own Interpretation of oriental style tattoos”.

My biggest influence would be  the legendary Filip Leu.


Bright colours and lots of details signifies Carl’s style.

-I’ve scaled my work back a lot before I used to be all about the bells and whistles but the longer you tattoo and see your old work come back you realise that for longevity of the piece less is more.



I also do a lot or Nordic style tattoos that derives from Norse mythology.  I don’t stick to the conventional way of tattooing knotwork I’ve come up with my own style which I call Neo-knotwork, by using the intricate patterns in Knotwork but shading them with a smooth gradient to give more depth to the pieces.