Tattoo Aftercare

Proper aftercare will ensure your tattoo heals properly

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To ensure your tattoo heals properly and looks its best for the long term, you must give it the best possible aftercare.

Once we finish your tattoo at Valhalla Tattoo Studio, we will put antiseptic cream on it and cover it with glad wrap to protect it. When you return home, follow these steps:

You must remove this cover after 2-4 hours and wash the area thoroughly with warm water and liquid soap. Make sure the soap you use is perfume-free to avoid irritation.

Once you have gently washed the area, pat dry the tattoo with a clean towel and apply a thin layer of an antiseptic cream like Bepanthen to the area before re-wrapping with glad wrap overnight.

In the morning have a shower and wash the tattoo but try to avoid high-pressure water hitting the tattoo directly. Pat dry the area and apply a thin layer of Bepanthen, do not cover with glad wrap this time as the tattoo needs to begin its healing process.

The tattoo healing process requires the tattoo being able to breathe and leaving glad wrap on for too long or applying excessive amounts of Bepanthen can suffocate the tattoo and prolong healing time.

For the first 4 days after you get your tattoo, make sure to wash it at least twice every day and then apply a thin layer of Bepanthen each time.

By day 3 or 4 your tattoo will form a light scab which is a natural part of the tattoo healing process. DO NOT PICK THE SCAB! Doing so can crack your tattoo and remove the colour from it.

Important points to remember when your tattoo is healing:

Do not soak the tattooed area. This means no long showers, no baths, no swimming pool, no sauna and especially no swimming in the sea.

Keep your tattoo out of the sun entirely! Sunburn can fade even older tattoos but will have a very negative impact on fresh ink.

Keep the above in mind for 2 weeks or until fully healed.