We like to think we’re a friendly and relaxed bunch here at Valhalla Tattoo studio in Bondi Junction!  we have a very broad and deep experience across all areas of tattooing and piercing. This experience is constantly evolving as we attend both local and international tattoo conventions and expos to stay at the cutting edge of tattoo design in Australia.

We are Sydneys only Knotwork and Viking style tattoo specialist, Our artist have a deep knowledge of traditional norse mythology and experience in tailoring these kind of tattoos to suit your individual need.

Apart from Knotwork tattoos we also work in all the traditional styles of  tattooing such as Japanese tattoos, Realistic tattoos and Fine-line tattoos.

We ask that out of respect for our existing clients that you don’t steal the artwork for your own tattoos. Every one of our designs are custom ensuring absolute uniqueness for each person based on their individual desires and personalities. If you do love the look of a specific design, come in for a consultation and we can create something similar just for you without copying the other tattoo.

Valhalla Tattoo Bondi Junction

We would love you to give us a call or drop into our Bondi Junction Studio today to discuss making your dream tattoo a reality.

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